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FoshanCity MusicFoxDoor IndustryCo., Ltd., located in thePearl River Deltahinterland-Foshan, Guangdong province,is a productdesign, development,manufacturing, marketing andafter-sales serviceof professional manufacturers, with itsunique geographical advantage, sittingGuangzhou and Foshantheopportunity,radiationHong Kong and Macaoto the world.
The company hasmany yearsof experience inthe developmentof stainless steeldoorsand a number ofhigh-quality professionaland technical personnel,continuous innovation and changeto adapt totoday's rapidly changingmarket demands.Main stainless steelluxury doors,wood armoreddoors,aluminumexplosion-proofdoors,aluminumdoorscarving art,bronze artdoor, coppervilladoors, solid wooddoors,wood doors, bathroombalcony doorsand other categories ofproductsand stainless steeldoor flowersproducts,eachnearly1,000 variety oftypes of products.

    Foshan City Music Fox Door Industry Co., Ltd., located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland - Foshan, Guangdong province, is a product design, development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of professional manufacturers, with its unique geographical advantage, sitting Guangzhou and Foshan the opportunity, radiation Hong Kong and Macao to the world.
 The company has many years of experience in the development of stainless steel doors and a number of high-quality professional and technical personnel, continuous innovation and change to adapt to today's rapidly changing market demands. Main stainless steel luxury doors, wood armored doors, aluminum explosion-proof doors, aluminum doors carving art, bronze art door, copper villa doors, solid wood doors, wood doors, bathroom balcony doors and other categories of products and stainless steel door flowers products, each nearly 1,000 variety of types of products.
    Le Fox its strict management, advanced production equipment, high quality raw materials and innovative design team, design and development of new, beautiful stainless steel door style, adhere to the "quality of survival, to manage for efficiency, innovation and development "of faith, adhering to the" honesty, win-win development "business philosophy, and constantly introduce advanced technology, improve processes, improve product quality, rich cultural connotation door, won the majority of customers.
    Uphold the excellent "quality, integrity" of doing business, and understand that quality is the enterprise's core vitality, protection of the interests of consumers and lasting commitment.
    The company will continue, Novo defensive reputation, excellence, uphold unity, pioneering and innovative professionalism for every customer to provide safe, convenient, value for money service, warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to join together for a better future !
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